The right solution creates the better future..

This is about the future, because the future is going to be the legacy of what we do and what we build right now. Likewise, now, is the legacy left by what's already been done & the way of the design, in the past.

Who the future is for if we ask? The children, the next generations, they are the future. What we do today is the legacy that will be left for tomorrow.

So the highly relevant & important question is: what kind of the future do we want to leave for the next generations? Every choices we make right now, every actions of our conduct, do carry rippling consequences; many things could affect generations, maybe can even last forever – or by relativity of the mankind versus time anyway.

Have we done everything right so far? Are we on the right path? Is the world, that we’re managing as the dominant – or literally the master – specie, better than the past? Has it improved? Just for us? Or for all?

Surely, anyone can have different answers to any of these questions. But for every juncture, we do have to make a choice. And for which, it better be the right choice, and the best choice!

Who should make the choice?

Then it better be the right people, with the right answers, to win the day. Some things do carry high stake with whatever the choice made!

We believe our solution is not only the right answer, but the best solution, as a part, as a building block, for the right path to build, to design, the better future. We are here to seek & to work with those who can see our vision and can share our mission, and together, to drive the right solutions to build the better tomorrow.

We are enabling the Transactech Common Platform which will enable a blockchain-coupled platform for true peer-to-peer transactions of any form of hard or soft values! This is possible with our unique & patented technologies to enable privately held cryptocurrency – that is issued by a trusted authority – which is intrinsically coupled to the blockchain using the identical primary crypto function (e.g. SHS/SHA-256). Thus, the system – the ACBC – is able to achieve optimal efficiency that is practical to support real-world scale economy activities – with hardware infrastructure feasible for processing billion transactions a second.

Zero-Knowledge Proof is also inherent with our system, and the pure form blockchain is most likely also the best achievable efficiency with blockchain designs.

The right choice, the right solution, can enable the right path, and the better future for all. We believe our solution is the right path, and the best path. We are here to do our part in driving a better tomorrow for all. If you too, can see the way we see, then we like to invite you to join us in building the right future, and the better tomorrow.

News & announcement 

2017.4.5 We are very pleased to win the e27 sponsorship to pitch at the Seamless 2017 April 19-20. See you there! 

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